4th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications

25/04/2018 11:50

Objetivo: To bring together computer and communications scientist, engineer or technician, graduate student, or simply interested by the technique, who wants to take part in this unique and innovative conference with their enthusiasm to develop, their desire to apply and their willingness to mature the Computer and Communications technique and their applications.

Submissões: até 15 de julho de 2018

Data: 10 de dezembro de 2018

Local: Chengdu, China

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7th International Conference on Cosmetology & Beauty R&D and Expo

25/04/2018 11:46

Objetivo: To bring together efficient international dermatologists, plastic surgeons, academic scientists, young researchers, and students making the congress a perfect platform to share experience, gain and evaluate emerging technologies in Cosmetology and aesthetic practices across the globe.

Inscrições: até 13 de julho de 2018

Data: 13 14 de julho de 2018

Local: Toronto – Ontário, Canadá

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IEEE Foundation – Grants Program 2018

25/04/2018 11:43

Objetivo: To fund projects that address the pre-defined theme “Raise awareness and understanding of science and technology and their potential to address a global challenge”. The theme aligns with the IEEE Foundation’s mission to “enable IEEE programs that enhance technology access, literacy, and education.”

Inscrições: até 13 de julho de 2018

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Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research – Fellowships 2018

25/04/2018 11:35

Objetivo: The SCAR Fellowship Programme is designed to encourage the active involvement of early career researchers and engineers in furthering our understanding of Antarctica. The Fellowships enable early career researchers to join a project team from another country, opening up new opportunities and often creating partnerships that last many years and over many Antarctic research seasons.

Inscrições: até 11 de julho de 2018

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5th International Conference on Soft Computing & Machine Intelligence

25/04/2018 11:31

Objetivo: To present the latest research and results of scientists related to Soft Computing & Machine Intelligence topics. This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas face-to-face, to establish business or research relations as well as to find global partners for future collaborations. We hope that the conference results will lead to significant contributions to the knowledge in these up- to- date scientific fields.

Inscrições: até 10 de julho de 2018

Data: 21 a 22 de novembro de 2018

Local: University of Nairobi – Nairobi, Quênia

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International Conference on Applied Psychology, Psychiatry and Mental Health

25/04/2018 11:28

Objetivo: To bring together leading professors, scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, psychotherapists, cardiologists, counselors, epidemiologists, family physicians, nutritionists, pediatricians, health educators, qualified nurses, social workers and physicians (including medical students and residents), and a wide variety of health professionals for thought-provoking Keynote speeches, Plenary talks, Oral and Poster presentations, International Workshops and Exhibition

Inscrições: até 10 de julho de 2018

Data: 26 a 27 de novembro de 2018

Local: Los Angeles – Califórnia, US

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NORD – Research Seed Money Grant for Cat Eye Syndrome

24/04/2018 16:05

Objetivo: The NORD Research Grant Program provides seed-money grants to academic scientists for scientific and/or clinical research. The hope is that these studies will ultimately lead to new diagnostics, treatments, and/or cures for rare diseases – like Cat Eye Syndrome.

Inscrições: durante todo o ano

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MDA – Human Clinical Trial Grants 2018

24/04/2018 16:03

Objetivo: To support both clinical trials of compounds already on the market and clinical research studies performed at academic medical centers. Trials of novel therapeutics should be submitted as MDA Venture Philanthropy (MVP) projects. MVP commonly supports for-profit entities and return-on-investment is negotiated by MDA.

Inscrições: durante todo o ano

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