Society for Paediatric Pneumology – Klosterfrau Award for Research of Airway Diseases in Childhood 2019

18/09/2018 10:10

Objetivo: Scientists conducting clinical or basic research in the field of pediatric lung diseases can apply for the award and send their publication and application to the committee. Thought provoking papers with a translational potential are especially welcome. The award preferentially supports young scientists. The prize is endowed with € 30.000. It will be given to one person or one team.

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APF/Division 12 – Theodore Blau Early Career Award for Outstanding Contribution to Professional Clinical Psychology 2019

31/08/2018 09:56

Objetivo: This award honors a clinical psychologist for accomplishments and promise in clinical psychology. Accomplishments may include: promoting the practice of clinical psychology through professional service; innovation in service delivery; novel application of applied research methodologies to professional practice; positive impact on health delivery systems; development of creative educational programs for practice; other novel or creative activities advancing the service of the profession. Funding is available up to $4,000 and is sponsored by the American Psychological Foundation (APF).

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APS – Paul D. MacLean Award 2018

24/08/2018 10:16

Objetivo: This award is intended to honor Dr. MacLean and promote the line of research that he created on emotion, the brain and physical disease trough prizing outstanding neuroscientific research (human or animal) and advances knowledge directly related to Dr. MacLean’s hypothesis regarding altered cortical-subcortical interactions affecting physical disease outcomes or mediating processes (e.g. autonomic, neuroendocrine, immune) that can be directly linked to disease outcomes.

Inscrições: até 01 de novembro de 2018

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APS – Herbert Weiner Early Career Award 2018

24/08/2018 10:14

Objetivo: The Herbert Weiner Early Career Award is intended to identify individuals who, early in their career, have contributed significantly to the field of psychosomatic medicine and show substantial promise of continued meritorious academic accomplishments in the field.

Inscrições: até 01 de novembro de 2018

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American Psychosomatic Society – Donald Oken Fellowship 2018

23/08/2018 10:01

Objetivo: This Award was created to recognize the achievements of one Consultation-Liaison psychiatrist or internist by naming a Donald Oken Fellow and inviting that person to participate in the Annual Meeting. The Oken Fellow typically is someone who has never attended an APS Annual Meeting – a goal of this award is to introduce the Society to someone unfamiliar with APS and our community, and to nurture a relationship that benefits both the Fellow and the Society’s membership through the sharing of experiences and involvement with research – both clinical and basic.

Inscrições: até 01 de novembro de 2018

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