Raos – Prize Yola Verhasselt for Tropical Geography 2020

16/01/2020 09:11

Objetivo: On the occasion of the academic retirement of Professor Yola Verhasselt, Permanent Secretary from 1995 until 2005, the Academy has set up a prize named “Prize for tropical Geography Yola Verhasselt”. This three-year prize of 2,500 euro consists of a travel credit for financing a field work on tropical geography.

Inscrições: até 01 de fevereiro de 2020

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Mycological Society of America – Forest Fungal Ecology Postdoctoral Research Award 2019

29/01/2019 08:03

Objetivo: This award supports ecological studies of fungal interactions in old growth forests or other unique or endangered ecosystems. Proposals should address innovative approaches to examining fungal systems or interactions of individuals, or groups of fungi, with hosts or substrates in old growth forests or other sensitive ecosystems.

Inscrições: até 15 de fevereiro de 2019

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AOAC – Harvey W. Wiley Award

14/01/2019 08:15

Objetivo: The Harvey W. Wiley Award is presented to a scientist (or group of scientists) who have made an outstanding contribution to analytical method development in an area of interest to AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

Inscrições: todos os anos, até 31 de janeiro

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