6ª Conferência Internacional da Iniciativa BRICS para Estudos Agrários Críticos (BICAS)

25/04/2018 11:55

Objetivo: Um evento para discutir  transformações sociais, políticas, econômicas, ecológicas e outras associadas à dinâmica agrária envolvendo BRICS e MICs. Convidamos para apresentação e discussão não apenas trabalhos acadêmicos, mas também propostas mais criativas, a serem realizadas em sessões paralelas, tanto no estilo padrão, mas com formatos alternativos que podem ser mais inclusivos com a presença de organizações da sociedade civil e acadêmicos-ativistas. Estas sessões poderão incluir painéis de discussão (grupos de trabalho), trocas de conhecimento no chamado ‘world café’ (café-mundo), apresentações multimídia e outras formas de painéis acadêmicos e auto-organizados pela sociedade civil.

Submissões: até 14 de maio de 2018

Data: 12 14 de novembro de 2018

Local: Universidade de Brasília (UnB) – Brasília, DF

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IEEE Foundation – Grants Program 2018

25/04/2018 11:43

Objetivo: To fund projects that address the pre-defined theme “Raise awareness and understanding of science and technology and their potential to address a global challenge”. The theme aligns with the IEEE Foundation’s mission to “enable IEEE programs that enhance technology access, literacy, and education.”

Inscrições: até 13 de julho de 2018

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International Conference on Applied Psychology, Psychiatry and Mental Health

25/04/2018 11:28

Objetivo: To bring together leading professors, scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, psychotherapists, cardiologists, counselors, epidemiologists, family physicians, nutritionists, pediatricians, health educators, qualified nurses, social workers and physicians (including medical students and residents), and a wide variety of health professionals for thought-provoking Keynote speeches, Plenary talks, Oral and Poster presentations, International Workshops and Exhibition

Inscrições: até 10 de julho de 2018

Data: 26 a 27 de novembro de 2018

Local: Los Angeles – Califórnia, US

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Wellcome Trust – University Awards in Humanities and Social Science 2018

24/04/2018 15:54

Objetivo: To provide support for up to five years at lecturer, senior-lecturer or reader level. After this, The university expects you to take up a permanent position at the academic organisation. During its first three years, the award allows you to focus on research rather than teaching and administration.

Inscrições: até 06 de julho de 2018

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Victoria University of Wellington – Victoria Doctoral Scholarships 2018

24/04/2018 15:52

Objetivo: Victoria University offers an extensive scholarship programme for PhD candidates. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence and/or research experience and publication record.

All prospective and existing full-time PhD candidates are eligible to apply for Victoria Doctoral Scholarships.

Inscrições: até 01 de julho de 2018

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AvH – Fraunhofer-Bessel Research Award

23/04/2018 11:53

Objetivo: To award scientists and scholars from all non-European countries, who completed their doctorates less than 18 years ago, who are internationally recognised for their achievements in the field of applied research, and who in future are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements which will have a seminal influence on their discipline beyond their immediate field of work. Award winners are invited to spend a period of up to one year cooperating on a long-term research project with specialist colleagues at one of the Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany. The stay may be divided up into blocks.

Inscrições: durante todo o ano

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PlanetRomeo Foundation Funding

23/04/2018 11:47

Objetivo: To provide funding up to € 5,000 to grassroots emerging LGBTI projects and initiatives. The support focuses on achieving societal change in order to improve the position of LGBTI people throughout the world, with an emphasis on the most disadvantaged regions and communities.

Inscrições: todos os anos, até 01 de julho, 01 de outubro 01 de janeiro

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EMDR – Research Grant Award

23/04/2018 11:44

Objetivo: To help fund researchs on treatment of trauma. EMDR is a psychotherapy approach that has proven effective for the treatment of trauma by approximately 24 randomized controlled trials and has been recommended as a first-line trauma treatment in the international practice guidelines of numerous organizations, including the American Psychiatric Association.

Inscrições: todos os anos, até 01 de julho 01 de fevereiro

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