LAIOB – Bolsas de Estudo 2019

21/02/2019 09:31

Objetivo: O LAIOB (Latin American Institute of Business) está oferecendo 12 bolsas de estudo para os cursos de Marketing, Management, Sales Management & Negotiation e Innovative Project Management. Os cursos são da University of Akron, em Ohio, nos Estados Unidos, e têm duração de duas semanas, com carga horária de 64 horas. Eles acontecerão em julho de 2019.

Inscrições: até 10 de março de 2019

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NRF – Fellowship 2020

20/02/2019 09:27

Objetivo: The Singapore NRF Fellowship provides opportunities for early career researchers to carry out independent research in Singapore, over a five-year period. It is open to all areas of science and technology and outstanding young scientists and researchers of all nationalities are welcome to apply.

Inscrições: até 05 de março de 2019

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Institut Pasteur – Traineeship Grants Calmette and Yersin 2019

20/02/2019 09:24

Objetivo: The purpose of the internship os to reinforce the trainee’s skills in his/her field of research and to reinforce the capacities of the institute of origin. Any subject covered by RIIP institute laboratories: research into infectious diseases (infectious physiopathology, immunology, microbiology, epidemiology, virology, parasitology) and public health activities (diagnosis, monitoring, resistance, etc.). It must be consistent with the candidate’s research area.

Inscrições: até 04 de março de 2019

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Thomas Jefferson Foundation – Monticello Teacher Institute: Barringer Research Fellowship for Teachers of American History 2019

19/02/2019 09:36

Objetivo: The Thomas Jefferson Foundation is proud to offer the Monticello Teacher Institute (MTI), an immersive professional development program that provides social studies teachers the opportunity to research and study at Monticello and the Jefferson Library in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Inscrições: até 01 de março de 2019

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SRS – Robert B. Winter Global Outreach Fellowship 2019

18/02/2019 09:34

Objetivo: This 4-6 week spine fellowship is for highly-motivated spine surgeons who are currently in clinical practice in any financially-challenged under-served area worldwide, and who are in a position which will enable them to disseminate knowledge acquired during the fellowship to others in their home country upon their return.

Inscrições: até 01 de março de 2019

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Library of Congress – Jon B. Lovelace Fellowship for the Study of the Alan Lomax Collection

15/02/2019 08:12

Objetivo: The Jon B. Lovelace Fellowship supports scholarly research that contributes significantly to a greater understanding of the work of Alan Lomax and the cultural traditions he documented over the course of a vigorous and highly productive 70-year career.

Inscrições: até 01 de março de 2019

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