PhD Studentship – Nitride-based Memristor for Space Electronics

14/07/2022 13:00

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Tipo de oportunidadeBolsaPós-graduação

Objetivo: This PhD studentship aims at developing radiation-hardened (rad-hard) nitride memristor synapses for enabling artificial intelligence (AI) hardware accelerators in space. This project exploits the architectonic of memristor technology to realize AI computing capability onboard the satellites and space stations. The student will be trained to fabricate memristor synapse prototypes and investigate their reliability towards harsh photon & particle radiations. The student will have the opportunity to conduct in-situ electrical testing at our collaborator’s or industry partner’s radiation facility, either in the UK or abroad. The final objective of this project is to build an application demonstrator memristor chips that will be launched to space (low earth orbit).

Inscrições: até 31 de agosto de 2022

Local: Reino Unido

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