IAHS – Internacional Hidrology Prize 2018

20/11/2018 08:57

Objetivo: The International Hydrology Prize is awarded annually by IAHS, with UNESCO and WMO, to two people who have made an outstanding contribution to hydrological science. As of 2014, two medals will be awarded under the International Hydrology Prize: the Dooge medal and the Volker medal. Both medals are intended to distinguish outstanding achievements by hydrological scientists but with a different focus. The Dooge medal is aimed at fundamental contributions to the science of hydrology, whereas the Volker medalis aimed at outstanding applications of hydrological science for the benefit of society at large.

Inscrições: até 31 de dezembro de 2018

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Stiftung Michael Prize 2019

20/11/2018 08:55

Objetivo: Awarded for the first time in 1963 to encourage epilepsy research in Germany, today the MICHAEL-PRIZE is one of the most highly regarded international awards for the best contributions to clinical and experimental research which promote further developments in epileptology. The MICHAEL-PRIZE is awarded biennially and is specifically addressed to younger researchers not older than 45 years of age. The prize money is 20.000 Euro. The MICHAEL-PRIZE 2019 will be awarded for research in one of the following fields: Clinical neurophysiology; Neuropsychology, psychology and psychiatry; Epilepsy genetics.

Inscrições: até 31 de dezembro de 2018

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American Association of Anatomists – Young Anatomist’s Publication Award 2018

20/11/2018 08:54

Objetivo: The Early-Career Anatomist Publication Award was created to recognize the best publication by an early-career anatomist in each of the society’s three journals– Anatomical Sciences Education, Developmental Dynamics, or The Anatomical Report. The selected applicant will receive a $1,000 honorarium and up to $1,750 in travel support to attend the Annual Meeting, along with a ticket to the AAA Closing Awards Ceremony at which the award will be presented.

Inscrições: até 22 de dezembro de 2018

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Society for Pediatric Dermatology – Research Grants 2018

19/11/2018 09:04

Objetivo: The SPD and its research arm, the Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance (PeDRA), are committed to boosting pediatric research in spite of hurdles and inherent difficulties related to funding research involving both rare and common diseases in young children. To this end, the SPD and PeDRA are calling for proposals as part of a competitive award program.

Inscrições: até 21 de dezembro de 2018

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Center for Philosophy of Science – Postdoctoral Fellowship 2019/2020

19/11/2018 09:03

Objetivo: Postdoctoral Fellowships enable philosophers of science within five years of their doctorates to spend a two-term academic year working in the Center for Philosophy of Science on a project in philosophy of science that they nominate. Two Postdoctoral Fellowships are offered each year. The Center encourages applications from assistant professors in the early stages of their careers as well as from scholars with newly awarded doctorates.

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Center for Philosophy of Science – Senior Visiting Fellowship 2019/2020

19/11/2018 09:01

Objetivo: The Senior Visiting Fellows program invites philosophers of science with seniority in the profession to spend a two-term academic year working in the Center for Philosophy of Science. Senior Fellows work principally on their own research project. Because of their seniority, it is expected that they will informally mentor junior scholars also visiting in the Center.

Inscrições: até 15 de dezembro de 2018

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