Stanford University – Biodesign Innovation Fellowship 2019/2020

30/05/2018 11:37

Objetivo: The Biodesign Innovation Fellowship is a 10 month experience that equips aspiring innovators with a proven, repeatable process to identify important healthcare needs, invent novel health technologies to address them, and prepare to implement those products into patient care through start-up or corporate channels. In addition, the Innovation Fellows become part of the Stanford Biodesign community, which is a life-long, worldwide network of innovators passionate about improving healthcare.

Inscrições: até 16 de agosto de 2018

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Ifa – Artists’ Contacts Program

30/05/2018 11:35

Objetivo: To support projects in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, design, photography and media art. The focus is on the exchange and substantive cooperation between German actors and cultural practitioners from transition and developing countries. It subsidizes working stays as well as working tours.

Inscrições: até 15 de agosto de 2018

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Masdar – Zayed Sustainability Prize 2019

30/05/2018 11:33

Objetivo: This annual award celebrates achievements that are driving impact, innovation and inspiration across five distinct categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools.

Inscrições: até 09 de agosto de 2018

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Postdoctoral Fellowships 2018

30/05/2018 11:25

Objetivo: To offer postdoctoral fellowship grants to unusually promising recipients of M.D., Ph.D. or equivalent degrees when it appears that the program of training to be supported by the grant will enhance the likelihood that the trainee will perform meaningful and independent research relevant to MS in the future, and obtain a suitable position which will enable them to do so.

Inscrições: até 08 de agosto de 2018

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Harry Weaver Neuroscience Scholar Awards 2018

30/05/2018 11:22

Objetivo: To offer a limited number of awards to highly qualified candidates who have concluded their research training and begun academic careers as independent investigators in an area related to multiple sclerosis. The awards are designed to provide salary and grant support for a five year period, thus permitting the awardee to establish competence in his/her chosen research area.

Inscrições: até 08 de agosto de 2018

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II Congresso Internacional de Desempenho do Setor Público

30/05/2018 11:19

Objetivo: Reunir professores, pesquisadores, estudantes, dirigentes, gestores e profissionais técnicos e administrativos envolvidos no âmbito dos órgãos e entidades públicas para discustir sobre o desempenho do setor público, a partir da perspectiva da comunidade científica e dos profissionais que atuam no âmbito da gestão pública.

Inscrições: até 15 de junho de 2018

Data: 27 a 29 de agosto de 2018

Local: Teatro Pedro Ivo – Florianópolis, SC

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International Conference on Ophthalmology and Vision Science 2018

28/05/2018 11:51

Objetivo: The event unites a special and worldwide blend of spread-out and medium pharmaceutical, biotech and revealing organizations, driving colleges and clinical research foundations making the meeting an ideal stage to share understanding, cultivate joint efforts crosswise over industry and the scholarly community, and assess rising innovations over the globe. Ophthalmology Conference augments the chance to associate with and gain from your companions from the nation over and over the globe it had with the exchanges on Cornea and External Eye Disease, Retina and Retinal Disorders, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Cataract, Ocular Oncology, Glaucoma: Visual Field Loss, Ocular Microbiology and Immunology, Novel Approaches to Ophthalmology Therapeutics and some more.

Inscrições: até 07 de agosto de 2018 (submissões)

Data: 19 a 21 de novembro de 2018

Local: Roma, Itália

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