PhD Scholarships

24/10/2021 09:00

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Tipo de oportunidadeBolsaPós-graduação

Objetivo: In line with one of the founder’s wishes, a special focus of the Gerda Henkel Foundation is support for up-and-coming scholars. Special attention is made when approving grants to enable qualified young researchers of both sexes to conduct scientific work for a limited period of time and in order to improve their academic training. As part of its Ph.D. programme, the Foundation seeks to promote highly-qualified new academic talent. Only those candidates are considered whose study achievements and exam performances show them to be especially gifted and whose Ph.D. theses can be expected to yield well above-average results. At present, each year about 50 scholarships are awarded.

Inscrições: todos os anos, até 31 de outubro 

Local: Alemanha

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