TWAS – Science Awards 2020

18/02/2020 09:53

Grande área: Agrárias / Biológicas / Saúde / Exatas e da Terra / Humanas / Sociais Aplicadas / Engenharias

Objetivo: The TWAS Awards are awarded to individual scientists from developing countries in recognition of an outstanding contribution to scientific knowledge in nine fields of sciences and/or to the application of science and technology: agricultural sciences; biology; chemistry; earth, astronomy and space sciences; engineering sciences; mathematics; medical sciences; physics and social sciences to sustainable developmenting.

Inscrições: até 16 de março de 2020

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Chamada Fapesp nº59/2019 – Pesquisa Estratégica sobre a Internet (Pite)

17/02/2020 08:00

Grande área: Exatas e da Terra / Sociais Aplicadas / Engenharias

Objetivo: A presente Chamada de Propostas estabelece condições para a submissão de projetos de pesquisa no campo da Internet em áreas definidas no texto do Convênio firmado entre FAPESP e MCTIC :

a) Desenvolver a pesquisa em Tecnologia de Informação e Comunicação (TIC), buscando criar conhecimento e inovação, afinada com os grandes problemas da Internet;

b) Formar e fortalecer grupos de pesquisa excelentes em instituições acadêmicas de pesquisa, nos diversos temas atuais sobre aplicações e tecnologias para a Internet.

Inscrições: até 09 de março de 2020

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Electrochemical Society – Battery Division Student Research Award 2

17/02/2020 07:43

Grande área: Exatas e da Terra / Engenharias

Objetivo: The Battery Division Student Research Award was established in 1979 to recognize promising young engineers and scientists in the field of electrochemical power sources. The awards are intended to encourage the recipients to initiate or continue careers in the field.

Inscrições: até 15 de março de 2020

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Scoliosis Research Society – Research and Education Foundation Pilot Award 2019

17/02/2020 07:38

Grande área: Saúde

Objetivo: The SPR Pilot Award is designed to provide a higher level of support for pediatric radiology-related projects of merit. Funding will be based on merit, including expertise and available resources, but should also endeavor to focus on unique aspects of imaging or image-guided therapy/intervention in children, promote the importance of imaging or imaging expertise in improving health care in children, embrace broader cross boundary impact, including public policy or translational medicine, cultivate multidisciplinary cooperation, and provide opportunities for additional funding.

Inscrições: até 15 de março de 2020

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Washington College – Hodson Trust-John Carter Brown Library Fellowship 2020/2021

17/02/2020 07:35

Grande área: Humanas / Linguística, Letras e Artes

Objetivo: The Hodson Trust – John Carter Brown Library Fellowship supports work by academics, independent scholars and writers working on significant projects relating to the literature, history, culture, or art of the Americas before 1830.

Inscrições: até 15 de março de 2020

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Grant Programs for Students, Postdoctoral Trainees, and Early Career Research Scientists

17/02/2020 07:26

Grande área: Agrárias / Biológicas

Objetivo: Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research – Open to all early career researchers (including all doctoral students) proposing to conduct research in systematics, evolution, ecology, zoology or paleontology of marine life and environments are invited to apply to the Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research.

Inscrições: até 14 de março de 2020

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