3 funded post-doctoral Marie Sklodowska-Curie researcher positions within the Centre for Applied Creative Technologies

15/07/2021 15:00

Grande áreaBiológicas / Saúde / Exatas e da Terra / Engenharias

Tipo de oportunidadePós-graduação

Objetivo: CfACTs will recruit six funded post-doctoral researchers (CfACTs fellows) and embed them in UK creative technology companies for up to two years, to deliver multi-disciplinary research focused on industrial applications related to three BU Strategic Investment Areas: Animation, Simulation and Visualisation; Medical Science and Assistive Technology.

Inscrições: até 22 de agosto de 2021

Local: Reino Unido

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Tags: ExteriorPós-doutoradoPós-graduaçãoReino Unido

Arts-based public engagement with climate change

13/07/2021 11:00

Grande áreaAgrárias / Exatas e da Terra / Engenharias

Tipo de oportunidadeApoio Financeiro

Objetivo: Apply for funding for a new collaborative public engagement partnership, as part of the ‘creative climate connections’ opportunity. Your partnership will engage members of the public with climate change research and related societal issues.

Inscrições: até 19 de agosto de 2021

Local: Reino Unido

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Tags: Apoio financeiroExteriorReino Unido

PhD Position in Machine Learning for the Analysis of Ambient Marine Noise

30/05/2021 11:00

Grande áreaBiológicas / Engenharias

Tipo de oportunidadePós-graduação

Objetivo: Identifying and distinguishing among events in the marine environment is an essential task in developing better understanding of climate change, and animal and human behaviour across 71% of the planet.

Inscrições: até 25 de junho de 2021

Local: Reino Unido

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Tags: DoutoradoExteriorPós-graduaçãoReino Unido

Research Associate/Fellow in Robotic Control

02/02/2021 13:00

Grande área: Engenharias

Tipo de oportunidade: Bolsa, Pós-graduação

Objetivo: Will be based in the area of robotics for challenging environments (i.e. continuum/soft robot), working on exciting research projects funded by EPSRC and Innovate UK. Specifically, this research will focus on continuum/soft robotics modelling and control algorithms of the robots for in-situ operations in constrained and hazardous environments. In this role, you will be at the forefront of research that offers significant technological challenge and innovation, with an aim to improving quality in robotics applications within nuclear and aerospace industry.

Inscrições: até 19 de fevereiro de 2021

Local: Reino Unido

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Tags: BolsaExteriorPós-graduaçãoReino Unido

Research Fellow in Hybrid Additive Manufacturing of Engineered Ceramics for Industrial Applications

31/01/2021 13:00

Grande áreaEngenharias

Tipo de oportunidadeBolsa

Objetivo: In this project you will produce a working hybrid additive manufacturing platform capable of processing specific high viscosity ceramic paste materials to the required specifications. Concurrently, you will lead material and process developments using the existing laboratory scale hybrid additive manufacturing platform based at the University. You will work in close collaboration with the Industrial sponsor to integrate, test and analyse their materials to optimise the manufacturing process.

Inscrições: até 18 de fevereiro de 2021

Local: Reino Unido

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Tags: BolsaExteriorReino Unido