Matsumae International Foundation – Research Fellowship Program 2020

03/07/2019 09:50

Objetivo: 4The  Matsumae  International  Foundation  (MIF)  is  a  nongovernmental  organization  whose  Fund  is  solely  based on donations from many Japanese people who have responded with goodwill to Dr. Shigeyoshi MATSUMAE’s call. While  many  donations  have  been  kindly  offered  by  corporations  and  groups,  most  of  the  donors  are  individuals who are sympathetic with the Founder’s ideals, and maintain contributions to the Fund from their limited incomes. Successful applicants are urged to seriously consider and understand the goodwill of those persons, and ensure that the provided fellowships are utilized effective.

Inscrições: até 31 de julho de 2019

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