Doctoral Student in Speech communication

23/03/2021 11:00

Grande áreaLinguística, Letras e Artes

Tipo de oportunidadePós-graduação

Objetivo: The doctoral position is offered by the department of Speech, Music and Hearing (Sw ”Tal, Musik och Hörsel”, TMH; TMH is an internationally prominent research group within speech technology and related areas with a heritage that ranges back to the early 50s. It was one of the first research groups of its kind, and is likely the oldest that is still active. The group is in the forefront of fundamental research in areas such as speech analysis, analysis of human communicative behaviours, audiovisual synthesis and generation, speech perception and understanding, and multimodal dialogue systems.

Inscrições: até 02 de abril de 2021

Local: Suécia

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