DTU – Postdoc in High-Performance Optical Transmission Systems 2020

15/07/2020 09:02

Grande áreaEngenharias

Objetivo: This postdoc project, will investigate spatial multiplexing in the form of multi-core optical fibre used for long-haul data transmission. The project will target demonstration of record-breaking reach and data throughput in such a transmission system. 

Inscrições: até 15 de agosto de 2020

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UCPH – Postdoctoral Positions in Theoretical Biocomplexity and Active Matter 2020

15/07/2020 09:01

Grande área: Biológicas / Exatas e da Terra

Objetivo: This research program will use theoretical and computational modeling, along with in-house experiments to study fundamental problems in cell dynamics, mechanobiology and active matter with potential applications in the life sciences. A number of projects include close collaborations with theorists and experimental biophysicists in US, UK, Japan, and Europe.

Inscrições: até 15 de agosto de 2020

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UCPH – Postdoc in MBE Crystal Growth and Characterization 2020

13/07/2020 09:02

Grande área: Exatas e da Terra /Engenharias

Objetivo: The Center for Quantum Devices at the Niels Bohr Institute, Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen is offering 2-year (option for 1 additional year) Post Doc scholarships in synthesis of III-V nanomaterials using molecular beam epitaxy.

Inscrições: até 09 de agosto de 2020

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KTH Royal Institute of Technology – Postdoc Position in Energy History 2020

09/07/2020 09:40

Grande área: Humanas

Objetivo: The Division of Historiy of Science, Technology and the Environment conducts research in technology history, environmental history and science history is looking for a Postdoc for an employment of 1 year, starting from 1st of September or soon thereafter. You will be part of a dynamic research environment with a long track record in energy studies and in which historical studies are seamlessly integrated with studies with a more present-day focus.

Inscrições: até 06 de agosto de 2020

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