NIH – Pregnancy in Women with Disabilities

16/01/2018 12:15

Objetivo: To encourage research project grants (R01) investigating the incidence, course, and outcomes of pregnancy among women with disabilities.  Areas of interest also include studies to inform preconceptional and antenatal counseling and strategies for addressing barriers to prenatal care, and management of pregnancy, the puerperium, and the transition to parenthood in order to optimize outcomes for women with physical, intellectual and developmental, and/or sensory disabilities and their families.

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NIH – Oral Anticancer Agents: Utilization, Adherence, and Health Care Delivery (R01 and R21)

12/01/2018 11:58

Objetivo: To encourage research grant applications to: assess and describe the current state of oral anticancer medication utilization, delivery, and adherence; identify structural, systemic, and psychosocial barriers to adherence; and develop models and strategies to improve safe and effective delivery of these agents so that clinical outcomes are optimized.

Inscrições: até 16 de fevereiro de 2018

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NIH – Oocyte Mitochondrial Function in Relation to Fertility, Aging, and Mitochondrial Diseases (R01 and R21)

12/01/2018 11:56

Objetivo: To encourage applications from the scientific community to support outstanding research in the area of oocyte mitochondrial function in relation to fertility, aging, and mitochondrial disease transmission to offspring. The overarching goal is to gain fundamental insight into the role of mitochondria and long-term consequences of their dysfunction in the oocyte, and to develop therapeutic or alternative approaches to treat mitochondrial dysfunction for improving oocyte quality and competency, and health of the resultant offspring.

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NIH – NIDCR Small Research Grants for Secondary Analysis of FaceBase Data (R03)

12/01/2018 11:53

Objetivo: To support meritorious research projects that conduct secondary data analyses of these FaceBase datasets relevant to craniofacial development, human craniofacial conditions or traits, and animal models of those craniofacial conditions. Informatics projects that integrate data from multiple FaceBase datasets are especially encouraged.

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NIH – Novel Approaches to Understanding, Preventing and Treating Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Coinfections (R01 and R21)

11/01/2018 11:28

Objetivo: The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to support research that will contribute to the overall understanding of Lyme disease and co-infections transmitted by Ixodes ticks. This research opportunity encourages studies that address diverse scientific areas such as 1) pathogenesis, 2) host response, 3) disease transmission, 4) vector biology and natural history, 5) vaccines, 6) diagnostics, and 7) therapeutics.

Inscrições: até 16 de fevereiro de 2018

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NIH – Non-healing Ulcerative Wounds in Aging (R01 and R21)

11/01/2018 11:22

Objetivo: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications that propose basic, clinical, or translational research on non-healing ulcerative wounds and their consequences in aging and in older persons. Applications are solicited which focus on the 1) biology, etiology and pathophysiology of non-healing ulcerative wounds in animal models and/or older adults; 2) translation of basic/clinical research into clinical practice and health decision-making; 3) diagnosis, prevention, management and clinical outcomes of non-healing wounds in older adults.

Inscrições: até 16 de fevereiro de 2018

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NIH – NINDS Exploratory Neuroscience Research Grant (R21)

11/01/2018 11:15

Objetivo: The NINDS Exploratory Neuroscience Research Grant program supports exploratory and innovative research projects, which fall within the mission of the NINDS. Awards will provide support for the early and conceptual stages of projects. These studies often assess the feasibility of a novel avenue of investigation and involve considerable risk, but have the potential to bring about breakthroughs in the understanding of important areas of neuroscience, or to the development of novel techniques, agents, methodologies, or models, of high value to the neuroscience community.

Inscrições: até 16 de fevereiro de 2018

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NIH – Nutrition and Alcohol-Related Health Outcomes (R01, R03 and R21)

10/01/2018 08:44

Objetivo: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages applications that propose to examine associations between nutrition and alcohol-related health outcomes in humans and animal models. The goal of this program announcement is to stimulate a broad range of research on the role of nutrition in the development, prevention, and treatment of a variety of alcohol-related health outcomes including alcohol use disorder and chronic disease.

Inscrições: até 16 de fevereiro de 2018

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