4th International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore

05/08/2020 10:40

Grande área: Exatas e da Terra / Engenharias

Objetivo: Renewable energies offshore are becoming a significant contributor to the total energy produced in some countries and the interest in the subject is increasing. This Conference aims to contribute to the exchange of information about the developments and experience obtained in concept development, design and operation of such devices.

Data: 12 a 15 de outubro de 2020

Inscrições: com desconto até 01 de setembro de 2020

Local: Lisboa – Portugal

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SLAS – Conference Latin American Scholar Grants

01/11/2019 07:16

Objetivo:  SLAS  usually  makes  available  six  awards  of  up  to  £1,500  to  contribute  to  the registration,  travel  and  accommodation  costs  of  scholars  based  in  Latin  America  to enable them to attend and present a paper at the SLAS conference.

Inscrições: até 19 de novembro de 2019

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