[chamada] NIH – Pregnancy in Women with Disabilities (R01 and R03)

18/09/2017 17:00

The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) issued by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) encourages research project grants (R01) and small research project grants (R03) investigating the incidence, course, and outcomes of pregnancy among women with disabilities. Areas of interest also include studies to inform preconceptional and antenatal counseling and strategies for addressing barriers to prenatal care, and management of pregnancy, the puerperium, and the transition to parenthood in order to optimize outcomes for women with physical, intellectual and developmental, and/or sensory disabilities and their families. Applicants are encouraged to include women with disabilities and members of the community in the design and conduct of their research.

R01: October 05, 2017;
R03: October 16, 2017.

Letter of Intent Due Date(s):
30 days prior to the application due date.

Data de expiração:
September 8, 2020.

Mais informações em R01, R03.

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[chamada] EDUFI Fellowships Programme

15/09/2017 16:52

The EDUFI Fellowships Programme is open to young doctoral level students and researchers from all countries and from all academic fields. Masters level studies or post-doctoral studies/research are not supported in the programme. The primary target group in the programme are such doctoral level students who will be doing their doctorate (or double doctorate) at a Finnish university.

Applications may be considered at all times. However, applications should be submitted at least five months before the intended scholarship period.

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[chamada] American Academy of Neurology – Susan S. Spencer Clinical Research Training Fellowship in Epilepsy 2018

25/08/2017 17:06

The American Academy of Neurology and the American Brain Foundation are pleased to announce the Susan S. Spencer Clinical Research Training Fellowship in Epilepsy to support clinical research training in the field of epilepsy. It is hoped that the program, targeting fellows and new faculty, will foster the development of investigators interested in pursuing careers in patient oriented research.

até dia 01 de outubro de 2017.

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[bolsa] HTAI – Educational Scholarships Programme 2017

26/07/2017 12:11

provides funding support for individuals studying or working in the healthcare field in low or middle income countries (LMICs) to advance. Scholarship funding may be requested to support completion of a Masters, PhD, Fellowship or other certification or training program in HTA or a closely related field. Scholarships may also support participation in an internship with an HTA agency or body, other public sector body, or non-governmental organization (NGO) to gain practical experience and/or contribute to specific research projects in HTA.

Inscrições: throughout the HTAi fiscal year (June 1 to May 31) with no specific deadline.

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[chamada] Population Council – Biomedical Fellowships

10/07/2017 16:34

The Population Council conducts research to address critical health and development issues. Its work allows couples to plan their families and chart their futures. The Population Council helps people avoid HIV infection and access life-saving HIV services, and it empowers girls to protect themselves and have a say in their own lives. The Population Council offers pre- and postdoctoral Biomedical Fellowships for advanced study in basic and translational reproductive sciences and HIV and AIDS. Fellows train in the laboratories of the Council’s Center for Biomedical Research located on the campus of The Rockefeller University in New York City.

durante todo o ano.

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[bolsa] Informações sobre a Chamada 2017 para Bolsas PQ e DT

14/06/2017 16:33

Com relação ao Edital Bolsas de Produtividade em Pesquisa (PQ) e de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico e Extensão Inovadora (DT)/2017, o CNPq informa que as inscrições serão abertas, em data a ser confirmada, até o início de julho/2017.

Os recursos já estão garantidos, mas não haverá aumento no número de bolsas.

O atraso se deu por questões meramente técnicas internas (ajustes no sistema).

O Calendário de Avaliações será mantido, ou seja, o julgamento será em novembro/2017.

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[bolsa] Matsumae International Foundation (MIF) abre inscrições para pesquisas no Japão.

06/04/2017 10:46

Research Fellowship Program 2018

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants of non-Japanese nationality; a Doctorate degree; must be 49 years old or under;  not have been in Japan previously; have firm positions and professions in their home nations; etc.

Host Institution In Japan: Applicants are free to select host institutions (university research laboratories, national research institutions or the corresponding facilities of private industry).

Fellowship Details: Stipend for research and stay, Insurance, Air transportation (a round-trip air ticket to/from Tokyo) and Lump sum on arrival.

Period & Number of Fellowships: For a period of from three to six months; the number of fellowships is about 20 persons each year.

Áreas de pesquisa: natural science, engineering and medicine

Inscrições: até 31 de agosto

Mais informações no site.

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