[chamada] NIH – Improving Individual and Family Outcomes Through Continuity and Coordination of Care in Hospice (R01 and R21)

11/09/2017 15:57

The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) seeks to stimulate research that focuses on reducing negative individual and family outcomes related to unwanted transitions at the end of life and optimizing the individual and family utcomes related to high quality coordination of care of care of individuals who are enrolled in hospice. This FOA emphasizes individuals who are receiving hospice care and their family caregivers, in any setting where hospice care is provided, including their home, a relative’s home, a hospice inpatient facility, an assisted living facility, a short- or long-term care facility, or a hospital.

R01: October 05, 2017;
R21: October 16, 2017.

Letter of Intent Due Date(s):
30 days prior to the application due date.

Data de expiração:
January 8, 2020.

Mais informações em R01 e R21.

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